Support Jewish Life


When you want to bestow an honor, express your appreciation, send get well wishes or memorialize a loved one, please consider a gift to our synagogue.  Choose from the many gift funds listed as a way of assisting Beth Israel Congregation and enriching your life.



A Fund for Every Occasion

Building Fund: To assist with constant repair and maintenance of our physical plant. Always in need of donations. May be designated as a memorial.

Cemetery Fund: Assists with maintenance of our cemetery grounds.

Floral Fund: Flowers on the bimah for Friday evening and Saturday morning Sabbath Services honoring birthdays and anniversaries. $25 per donation per Sabbath.

Garden Fund: Donations will ensure the continued beautification and maintenance of the grounds surrounding our synagogue.

General Fund: To be used in any manner the Board of Trustees decided.

Library Fund: To purchase books and supplies for the Library.

Prayer Book Fund: To purchase prayer books. Books may be marked “in memory” or “in honor” of someone.

Playground Fund: To build a playground.

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund: Used among other causes of Tzedakah.